About Us


We are a multidisciplinary full-service law firm . As such, we offer tailored legal solutions from a single source for both private and business clients worldwide.
Our lawyers are highly specialized in their respective areas of practice and regularly engage in additional training and seminars.
Our law firm consists of certified specialists in fields such as criminal law, immigration law, and business law, with dedicated practice groups in investment advisory and various other areas. Through these dedicated teams, unique synergies can be created, and solutions tailored to your needs can be discovered.
The synergy and collaboration between the founding lawyers and their team aim to provide legal assistance to clients in all their legal matters, legal cases, and business activities in Tunisia, Italy, and the Mediterranean region.
We have a network of close professional relationships with law firms worldwide to ensure the provision of legal services beyond the borders of the Mediterranean region.

Our International Vision:

Our law firm is comprised of attorneys with an international perspective. It is not sufficient for our lawyers to only be knowledgeable in Tunisian and Italian law, as legal matters in areas such as immigration law, business law and family law often involve issues that cross borders. This international outlook means that we can be relied upon in complex cases such as contractual disputes
For private clients, our attorneys regularly advise on cases involving Italian or Tunisian citizenship and family law matters such as international child abduction, international divorce cases, and more.
Our international perspective means that we can provide advice in French, English, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, and other languages. We place great importance on intercultural understanding as well as deep legal knowledge. Wherever you are in the world, our attorneys are ready to represent you in your case.

What sets us part :

Establishment of Italian and European standards in law firm management and client relations.
Proficiency in multiple foreign languages by the team of legal advisors.
A 24/7 service available to respond to our clients' requests in Tunisia, Italy, or abroad
Our availability to defend clients' interests throughout Tunisian, Italian, or global territories.
The protection of human rights is at the core of our activities and concerns both nationally and internationally.


Bespoke Solutions:

Each client is unique, and every case deserves specialized attention. At Spinelli & Mechri, you will benefit from informed advice that takes into account all aspects of your situation.
For private clients can rest assured that our dialogue will be open and honest in evaluating your case.
For business clients, we advise you based on your objectives, priorities, requirements, and characteristics of your company. Our lawyers are fully aware that solutions that work for companies in one sector may not work in others.


The Awards :


Award granted by the Higher Institute of the Legal Profession in Tunisia for second place in the national ranking.



Medal of Merit awarded on January 20, 2017, by the National Council of Italian Lawyers for international observation activities.



Recognition for the report presented at the International Conference of Lawyers "Lawyers for Peace," co-organized by the National Bar Association of Tunisia and the National Council of Italian Lawyers, from June 7 to June 10, 2018.