Practice area


  • Visa

  • Residence permit

  • Family reunification

  • Expulsions and rejections

  • Trafficking


Visa for Italy


  • Consultancy on requirements for obtaining travel visas for Italy. .

  • Assistance in completing and submitting visa applications.

  • Booking appointments at consulates and embassies for visas.

  • Research and collection of necessary documentation for visa applications.

  • Assistance in preparing legal documents required for visas.

  • Monitoring visa processing times and updates on application status.

  • Translation services and certification of documents required for visa applications.

  • Assistance in managing complex cases or special situations related to visas.

  • Legal representation in appeals or disputes related to visas.

  • Administrative procedures with embassies for legal, commercial, or diplomatic matters.

  • Consultancy on issues related to local and international laws and regulations.

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Citizenship by marriage

Citizenship by residence

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