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Establishment of Companies

Company Registration and Formation in Tunisia

Are you running a business in Tunisia? Are you planning on selling goods or services in Tunisia? Or do you want to set up a Tunisia subsidiary? Whatever your goal or stage of development, our corporate law attorneys can provide legal and tax services to minimize legal risks and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations in Tunisia.

Our team of lawyers will assist you in establishing a company in Tunisia and provide individual consultation based on your desires and in line with your entrepreneurial idea. From choosing the legal form to drafting contracts, our lawyers will leave nothing to chance, clarifying all legal formalities. This service will help your company quickly establish a position in the Tunisian market. Our services include:


• Reservation of the company name

• Reservation of the trade name

• Drafting the company bylaws ( Articles)

• Execution of formalities for the declaration at the BCT

• Execution of formalities for the investment declaration at the API

• Declaration of opening at the tax agency

• Registration at the RNE (National Company Registry)





Corporate, Business Law


As a business consultant, Attorney Bilel Mechri regularly provides expertise to entrepreneurs and investors planning to establish or further develop a company in Tunisia.
The legal aspects of company formation and acquisitions in Tunisia often present unique challenges to foreign investors, as it is essential to avoid the pitfalls involved. The success of a company depends significantly on the various and complex contractual relationships with its business partners, shareholders, and employees.
 His deep knowledge and years of experience in this field have enabled him to successfully address a wide range of legal and commercial issues for businesses of various sizes and sectors. He has assisted emerging startups and growing small,medium companies from their inception, as well as solid multinational corporations, in managing their most complex and critical commercial and criminal legal matters at both national and international levels. His dedication to finding the best solution and his commitment to excellence have earned him the trust and respect of his clients.
Our corporate assistance provides tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients in a global economy. Among the services offered are :


  •  The establishment of companies and branches
  •  Advice to administrators on their fiduciary duties
  •  Ordinary and extraordinary corporate transactions
  •  Conflicting general meetings and boards of directors
  •  Due Diligence analyses
  •  Assistance for mergers and acquisitions
  •  Privatizations
  •  Public-private partnerships
  • Intellectual property
  • Investment management.








Real Estate / Construction 


Transport / Logistics


Technology, Media and Telecommunications





Energy / Resources

Family, Children, Divorce, Inheritance



Family Law in Tunisia :

Family law is an increasingly complex area and requires a demanding set of skills. An experienced and intelligent analysis of complex financial circumstances – often international – is needed, together with a sensitive and authoritative approach to guide clients and obtain the best possible outcomes through often difficult times.

Our firm provides advice and assistance in the following areas:


  • Divorce

            - Divorce by mutual consent

            - Unilateral divorce

            - Fault-based divorce


  • Transcription of foreign divorce and separation judgments

  • Maintenance

  •   Guardianship /Custody of children

  • Parental responsibility

  • Adoptions

  • Acknowledgement and disavowal of paternity

  • Rectification of marital status

            - Birth certificate

            - Death certificate

            - Marriage certificate

            -Certificate of marital status

  • Protection of children's rights : 

             - Approval of agreements for custody and maintenance.

             - Actions before the court for urgent measures.


 Our legal team specialises in all areas of family law, including divorce and financial proceedings, issues affecting children (such as child support and contact issues), pre-and post-nuptial agreements, claims involving trust assets/family trusts and cases involving proceedings under the Inheritance

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Family and Divorce Insights



 Divorce in Tunisia


 Communion of property between spouses in Tunisia




Civil and commercial litigation

Contractual dispute :

  • Disputes relating to the termination of negotiations, performance, non-performance or termination of contracts (distribution, supply, provision of services, etc.),
  • Disputes relating to non-compliance with billing rules, terms of sale or payment terms.
  • Disputes concerning restrictive competition practices: significant imbalance between suppliers and distributors, sudden interruption of established business relations, etc,
  • Litigation related to international trade and transport contracts (seizure of ships, carrier liability, transport insurance, etc.), customs aspects as well as logistics and port activities.

Customs dispute :

  • Assistance during the administrative and judicial phase
  • Mediation and negotiation with interested parties in the pre-litigation phase: customs administration, insurers, etc.
  • Assistance during all types of control procedures: hearings, visits, investigations, etc.
  •  Defence and representation before civil and criminal courts


Banking dispute

  • Disputes relating to banking commitments: loans, guarantees, etc.
  • Litigation concerning the liability of banking and financial institutions (criminal, civil, disciplinary liability)
  • Litigation concerning cheques, bank cards, seizures, transfers, guarantees, excessive deductions of fees, loans, credits
  • Amicable settlement of disputes
  • Debt settlement disputes
  • Cross-border banking disputes


Real Estate :

  • Litigation related to commercial, professional and residential leases.
  • Assistance in eviction procedures and recovery of unpaid rents.
  • Litigation related to property management and property protection
  • Litigation relating to construction disputes
  • Advice and assistance in landlord and tenant matters
  •  Legal assistance in the acquisition of real estate for residential, commercial, industrial use
  • Assistance in obtaining any permits, building licences, etc.



Labour restraint :

  • Assistance in cases of dismissal and resignation, unlawful salary deductions, contractual violations
  • Disputes between employers and employees
  • Representation and assistance in disciplinary proceedings
  • Drafting and negotiating employment contracts


Social security litigation :

  • Pre-litigation advice and assistance before CNAM, CNSS and CNRPS


Tax Law :

  • Our firm assists individuals and companies in their relations with the Tunisian tax authorities, providing assistance both during tax audits and litigation.

Criminal Defence

Extradition Law | Business Crime Law |  White-Collar Crime

Our criminal lawyers in Tunisia assist both defendants and offended persons (individuals or companies) throughout Tunisia, from the filing of charges to compensation for damages to the enforcement of sentences, at all levels of judgment.

 Business Crime Law :

As an expert in corporate criminal law, lawyer Bilel Mechri offers executives, managers, and companies professional legal assistance in all matters of criminal law. His legal services include compliance advice: through a careful examination of corporate procedures and a precise determination of the responsibilities of management positions, criminal consequences can usually be efficiently avoided.
The following legal issues in particular fall within the scope of expertise of lawyer Mechri and his team: 
Relations with Authorities, fraud, extortion and corruption, money laundering, market abuse and insider trading, tax evasion, product liability, breach of contractual obligations and unfair competition, Bankruptcy offenses, Customs violations concerning import and export, Extortion, liability of accountants and other professionals, Frauds in public and private tenders, etc., increasingly represent a risk to a company's reputation and in some cases to its very survival.

Extradition Law :

 Attorney Mechri and his team  offers legal and strategic assistance to clients facing international arrest warrants (Interpol) in order to protect their interests and rights by suspending, challenging, or cancelling the warrant.
Attorney Mechri has a proven track record of being a dependable partner for clients in emergency situations. He and his legal team have successfully prevented numerous domestic and foreign extradition cases arising from Interpol Red notices.
As an active lawyer, he keeps a close eye on the legal developments in the field of extradition law in order to advise clients of potential risks at an early stage and create effective defense plans. 

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Investments and Projects

Investment and Capital Markets Lawyers in Tunisia

Investment and capital market law deals with all legal aspects and issues related to investments, such as real estate and funds. Due to the applicable regulations and the increasing diversity and constantly changing range of investment products, it is advisable to have an experienced lawyer at your side
Our Investments services :
Advice to investment advisors and brokers, banks, and wealth managers, as well as other service providers in the sector on legal requirements and issues.
Guidance of local and foreign investors towards specialized institutions affiliated with the company.

Support, supervision, and assistance to local and international investors in the implementation of their projects in Tunisia and/or abroad.

Facilitation for local and international investors to contact public administrations, clients, and local suppliers.

Assistance in all Commercial, Financial, Industrial, movable, or immovable operations.
Business Immigration and Residence Permits as an Investor.
Criminal Law Aspects – Investment Fraud and Money Laundering Offences
Investment Property in Tunisia


Doing Business in Tunisia 2024 : Green Hydrogen, Energy


Doing Business in Tunisia 2024: E- Commerce



Debt Recovery

Our lawyers, experts in debt collection, are active throughout Tunisia, at both the amicable and judicial stages. We assist individuals and companies in the recovery of civil and commercial debts. Our services include :


  • Asset search

  • Out-of-court debt recovery

  • Judicial debt recovery

  • Legal assistance for the preservation of assets: attachment, attachment of movable and immovable property, including at third parties' premises

  • Execution of movable and immovable property, including at third parties' premises

  • Execution of foreign judgments


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