Practice area

Appeals to the European Court of Human Rights

Protection of rights in the UN system

  • Legal assistance in iindividuals complaints before UN treaty monitoring committees
  • Legal assistance in proceedings before the UN Special Rapporteurs
  • Legal assistance in the procedure before the UN Human Rights Council ( Human Rights Council Complaint Procedure)

Protection of rights in the Council of Europe system ( COE )

  • Legal assistance in individual proceedings before the COE treaty monitoring committees

Protection of rights in the African regional system

Tutela dei diritti nel sistema regionale interamericano

Private international law and international trade law

  • International Debt Collection
  • Recognition of Foreign Judgments and Decisions
  • International Commercial Litigation
  • International Banking Litigation
  • International Contractual Litigation
  • International Business Assistance


Doing Business in the Arab Gulf States

                   Saudi Arabia


              United Arab Emirates







Criminal Law in Arab Countries